International academy of aesthetics training

IAA which stands for International academy of aesthetics training is a program which provides training for physicians, registered nurses and practitioners in the art of aesthetics and non- invasive cosmetic surgery through a practical approach. International academy of aesthetics is the world’s first social aesthetic courses online learning management system that is solely dedicated to the field of aesthetic medicine, dentals esthetics and cosmetic surgery training.


They give you a perfect platform to learn so that you can excel in the field of medicine and make yourself better, and help people and do the needful. The IAA is the only training program in America which provides formal cosmetic surgery training in aesthetic medicine and surgery, for nurses, physicians and practitioners. Due to high demand IAA have included many important subjects for training in there profile and hence are accepted at higher rate by all trainees. IAA training courses include aesthetics 101 training, Botox and fillers training, TCA Peel training, liposuction, liposculpting and fat grafting training, and many more subjects which are related to dentistry and cosmetics. They undertake everyone who is interested to take this training despite of the criteria of, whether they have prior experience in this field or not.